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VIEW – Lesson 1
Understanding the uses and value of the Campaign Tab - where you'll find a searchable and filterable list of all your Campaigns, and the detail for each related activity for quick access, across the board updated and simultaneous progression from pending to confirmed.
VIEW – Lesson 2
An introduction to the Audio Planner found via the Planner tab and how to read it at a glance, including our 'demonstration' media network example.
VIEW – Lesson 3
In this video we walk through the language we use with Campaign Boss, and the reasons why certain elements work they way they work, as well as the workflow progression of activities and campaigns from pending, through processing and then confirmation/ delivery.
VIEW – Lesson 4
This video will provide an understanding of how to manipulate the Audio Planner to efficiently and effectively view the contents in a particular way, plus a quick explanation of a few 'special circumstances' where Campaign Boss can cater for your client or brand nuances and offer incredible flexibility.
VIEW – Lesson 5
In this video, we introduce the What's On Planner, a powerful tool that lets you stay updated on your audience's interests and plan your content and pitches accordingly. The purpose of this planner is to streamline data entry and sharing, ensuring resource efficiency across multiple markets while highlighting market significant events relevant to your audience.
VIEW – Lesson 6
Here we will have a quick look at our report menu and how to filter data based on specific criteria. I will show you the activity summary, credit line report and the missing credit line report - any information that goes into the program, can be extracted as a report, just tell us what you need. A more refined avails summary is imminent also.
VIEW – Lesson 7
This video shows you how our 'replace contacts' tool works - safeguarding your campaign reminders and progress from stakeholder leave and changes within the campaign team.
VIEW – Lesson 8
This a a quick chat through a handful of important Administration Menu items in Campaign Boss for all Users. This includes User permissions and how they can be customized based on individual roles in the business.
VIEW – Lesson 9
This is your personal Campaign Boss dashboard - a snapshot of your day-to-day campaign work including your automated and up-to-date 'to-do' lists. Watch this video to familiarize yourself with the dashboard and optimize your campaign management.
VIEW – Lesson 10
A few words from me, Chantalle Taylor - Co-Founder of Campaign Boss - highly experienced campaign system and process specialist, and shamefully inexperienced Loom presenter.
Module 1 – I need to View Activity
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An introduction to the Audio Planner found via the Planner tab and how to read it at a glance, including our ‘demonstration’ media network example.

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