Campaign Boss

About Campaign Boss

Media is a fast-paced industry, with many stakeholders and moving parts when it comes to planning and delivering brand and client activity. Workloads can become high in volume, and with no fail-safe system in place, the margin for communication related errors can be quite high, especially when communicating with clients, agencies, or colleagues in various locations.

In order to protect revenue and partner relationships, we created Campaign Boss – a one stop platform for campaign activity. So whether you are in Sales, Operations, Programming, Marketing, or Promotions – you’ll be able to view and manage the operations of every campaign.

Because Campaign Boss is always in real time, you can be ensured that wherever you are viewing it, everyone has the same information.

Campaign Boss takes charge of keeping campaign communication and delivery on track, improving cost and time efficiency, so you can spend less time on make-goods and more time making money.

How does it work?

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